I've been hacking away at computers and software for more than 15 years in various languages (yes even Fortran and x86 assembler) and different platforms.

I've worked as a Technical Pathfinder and Principal Developer at Coolblue in the Netherlands where I have helped teams with technical challenges, look for new and interesting tech we can use and help shape the future of software development.

Nowadays I mostly code in C# but have been known to touch PHP and Javascript as well.

I love to share knowledge and give talks on subjects ranging from Test Driven Development and Continuous Integration / Delivery to resilience in distributed systems and NoSQL / polyglot persistence (and sometimes even about people!). Organising a conference or interested in what I can share with you? Get in touch via sander@codenizer.nl!

When I'm not working I swim, cycle and run (better known as triatlon), drive a Land Rover Defender through the mud and hack away at various things (see my GitHub page).